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Section I: Program Description

1)      How will investing in this program help Fix It With Five support the mission statement? Show us the link between what the program does for its participants and our mission statement

2)      Describe the program activities or project goals. 
Assume the reader is not familiar with your project; explain what you do.

3)      Why is the program designed the way it is?  Explain why the program activities are the right strategies to use to achieve sustainable change.  Give a brief explanation for the rationale of the program/project’s design – what information do you use to decide how the program should be run?

4)      What is the expected start date of the project?  What does the timeline look
like for the duration of the project or program?

5)      Who is the program designed to benefit?  In other words, who is the target population for this program?  What is the projected impacted population size?

6)      Do you intend to work with other organizations/programs with this project or program? Explain the collaboration.

Section II: Funding/Budget

1)      Give a clear description of what you will do with Fix It With Five’s investment in the program.  How will you spend the money? Give details pertinent to your program or project.  Please be as specific as possible.

2)      Will Fix It With Five dollars leverage additional resources (e.g. match) for this program?

3)      If an annual report is applicable please attach.  If not please provide a projected program and agency budget.

Please answer these questions in a Word Document and email your application to

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  1. Alan Sousie permalink
    November 15, 2011 8:51 pm

    It was a long, long time ago when I attended St. Michael’s College. At the time, I was the only freshman committed to studying the Classics with Dr. Armand Ciderella. It was a bit unusual to have a private tutor for my study of Latin and Classical History. Upon completion of my first year, I made a decision to leave college and enter the Navy to serve during the Vietnam War. I did so and became a Hospital Corpsman. After discharge, I returned to Burlngton with a different career goal and entered the UVM School of Nursing from which I obtained a Baccalaureate in Nursing. Later, I completed a Master degree in Education also from UVM. Currently I am working as Director of Nursing at Ethan Allen Residence in Burlington where we provide residential care to mostly seniors.

    Today, I am writing to say that I have become aware of Fix It With Five by way of a young lady with whom I share administrative responsibility at the Burlington Emergency Shelter. I am currently in volunteer service as the Chair of the Board of Directors. BES is a non-profit organization that is uniquely different from most other non-profits in that it does not accept funding from government sources. We rely strictly on the generousity of individuals, businesses, private foundations and other grantors, religious organizations like local churches and the almighty power of volunteerism. We are hopeful that this year Fix It With Five will seriously consider a proposal from us despite the similarity of organizations chosen to receive your grant during 2010 and 2011.

    We expect to win your favor by submitting an application that demonstrates the clear goals that we have to guide homeless men and women along a path toward the restoration of life skills. We want to to do more than simply house the homeless. Instead as I have alluded, we want to lead them to a restored sense of living in cooperation with others. We expect to raise the bar for them in terms of establishing or re-establishing a spiritual life. In this regard, it is important to note that Burlington Emergency Shelter is the only Christian-centered shelter in Burlington. We put strong faith in God and His Bible. However, one does not need to profess Christianity to live at the Shelter. Nor is anyone compelled to accept Christianity in order to remain at the Shelter. To put it another way, BES is very ecumenically accepted in the community and respected for its effort to bring others the love of Jesus Christ without arm-twisting tactics.

    In the end, I hope that you will see more clearly from our formal application just how we mix this spiritual element with other support and opportunities we provide to Shelter guests. In my mind, Burlington Emergency Shelter ministers in ways that clearly meet the mission goals of Fix It With Five: to promote systemic change and to alleviate a condition leading to the degradation of human dignity, that of homelessness.

    Thank you and God Bless you for your efforts to make a better world!!

  2. December 5, 2011 8:02 pm

    Hello and thank you for offering this opportunity to us again. Just wanted you to know that we will be submitting a proposal this week. We have a few SMC staff who are also submitting letters of support. Do you need these in a specific format? Word doc is ok? You may already have them in hand, but in case not, they will be coming.

    thanks again,

    PS. Do I have until midnight on 12/7 or an earlier hour? I ask bc we’re deep up to our elbows with our holiday appeal and volunteers coming and going from the office. My goal is to finish by tomorrow, but just in case… I’ll use the extra day. Don’t want to miss the deadline. thanks again.

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