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What is the purpose of Fix it With Five?

 – It is the mission of the Fix It With Five organization to promote systemic change through its annual     donation to a local, national, or international community based organization with the goal of permanent sustainable change.  Following the Saint Michael’s College mission of social justice this student led and student funded organization will provide education and awareness to the college and surrounding community.  In partnership with the chosen organization, the Fix It With Five committee will aim to alleviate a condition leading to the degradation of human dignity.

How did Fix it With Five begin?

 – The idea was first thought of by a Saint Michael’s College student who saw that the student body was  interested and capable of creating systemic change. Fix It With Five came to fruition last year when the Board of Trustees and the Student Association agreed that five dollars of each undergraduate’s Student Activity Fee would be donated to the cause.  

Who is involved in Fix it With Five?

 – Fix it With Five is composed of an appointed student committee consisting of eight student members, two faculty members and one faculty adviser. Saint Michael’s community members are encouraged to submit nominations for non-profit groups who can benefit from the funds, and will help choose the final group which the funds will be allocated to.


Where do the funds come from?

 – The approximate ten thousand dollars come from the student activities fee from the Student Association. Part of tuition includes an activities fee and five dollars from each student’s fee will go to Fix it With Five funds.


What is the difference between the Fix it With Five donation and the previous Student Association donation?

 – The Fix it With Five donation provides greater funds than the SA donation and works to provide systemic change. The Saint Michael’s community will have a larger role choosing where the funds will be allocated to as well.


How will the nonprofit who will receive the funds be chosen?

 – The Fix it With Five committee will accept grant proposals from various non-profits. Next, they will assess the qualifications and needs of each organization, narrowing the choice down to three. Once the selection is narrowed, the Saint Michael’s community will be able to provide input and help to choose who the money will be allotted to.

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