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How can I start Fix It With Five on my campus?

 If you are interested in starting a Fix It With Five chapter on your campus please explore our website.  If you have any questions please email  It is the goal of Fix It With Five to create chapters and will help students interested in any way possible. 

Fix It With Five must be a student led initiative.  To gather student support:

  • Hold informational meetings
  • Create a planning committee
  • Petition to show student involvement
  • Create materials: PowerPoint presentations and fact sheets
  • Present to the Student government
  • Organize staff and faculty support

What are the goals of Fix It With Five?

Education and Awareness – Fix It With Five has developed student education and awareness initiatives that engage the student body. 

  • Panel presentation – the three finalists educate and raise awareness about the cause and organization  
  • Sponsorship – students are invited to be liaisons between the Fix It With Five committee and an organization in which the student has a interest
  • Committee meetings – open to the students interested in learning more
  • Voting – the three finalists are entered into an online voting system. Students via email are asked to vote for the organization that best fits the mission of Fix It With Five   
  • Newspaper – articles are written by the student newspaper about the committee process, panel and grant recipient

Grant work and student experience – The student committee’s involvement provides an educational and professional development opportunity.  Committee members participate in:

  • Writing grant application
  • Developing evaluation rubric
  • Non-profit management and organization skills
  • Business skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Writing skills
  • Budgeting experience
  • Management and leadership positions
  • Marketing skills
  • Grant donation process,
  • Professional development

Community building – As part of the mission of Fix It With Five it is an essential part of the process to create or further the relationship with the college and the grant recipient through:

  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Fundraising opportunities
  • Education and Awareness
  • Informational updates regarding the project that the funds went to


  • The amount of money given by Saint Michael’s College Fix It With Five program is a substantial contribution to the goals of the non-profits looking to create sustainable, systemic change.  By supporting these organizations financially, we are demonstrating the power of a small donation by many individuals to truly have an impact in our greater community.

Future goals

  • Class-based learning
  • Creating an educational class-based experience that would allow students to explore, grants, grant writing, exposure to multiple non-profits, and the sponsorship of an organization for the Fix It With Five grant.

Service commitment to grant recipient

  • Extend upon the link with the grant recipient to form a bond that would include a service based commitment dependent on the organizations needs
  • Expansion to other schools
  • Creating a Fix It With Five program on other campus’ that would allow their students to experience the field of grants as well as donating a portion of their fees to a greater cause.

What makes Fix It With Five unique?

  • Fix It With Five is a grant that allows for sponsorship from the community at whatever institution it may be placed at.  Students can pursue a cause they are passionate about and potentially contribute financially and support the systemic solution 
  • The goal of the grant is unique in that the certain criteria must support sustainable projects that get the root of an issue.  While temporary relief programs are necessary, this grant focuses on taking a small step towards putting an end to those problems. 
  • Fix It With Five is a student organized and student funded initiative


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